World Sexual Violence Day 2018

Sexual violence has generally been a neglected area of research in most part of the world, yet numerous evidence suggests that it accounts for substantial proportions of public health. Consequently, much more concern is required for the sake of bold confrontation and content.
In many countries, data on most aspects of sexual violence appears deficient, which indicates there is a great necessary of research on every aspect of sexual violence in every area.

Of equivalent importance, another is interventions. It is vital to develop inferior conditions of collecting data and to rigorously evaluate programs in both industrialized and developing countries through the intervention of international organizations.

Thus, AMSA and ALSA invites you to join this campaign by following the steps :

1. Choose ONE poster you would like to use.
2. Take picture of yourself with the poster.
3. Post it via Instagram of Facebook, with the caption provided.
4. The due date is 24th, June, 2018.
5. Don’t forget to tag @amsa_intl and @alsainternational .

One of you will the lucky winner to have both AMSA and ALSA merchandise.
So don’t miss this chance!

The caption is given as :

I (……name…..) from (..AMSA/ALSA Chapter..) hereby declare, that I support all the victims of Sexual Violence and against all the excuses of doing Sexual Violence in any condition or to anyone. Together we can #SpeakUp and say #NoMore to Sexual Violence. For more information about the campaign, feel free to visit @amsa_intl and @alsainternational Instagram Account.