ALSA International Moot Court Competition

The ALSA International Moot Court Competition (AIMCC) is a simulated arbitration hearing of an International Investment Dispute Settlement. Students from all over the world will send in their Written Memorials for the complainant and respondent of a fictional case written by professionals. After the Written Round (Memorials), selected teams will present their memorials for the complainant and the respondent in front of a Panel of Arbitrators in the Oral Round.

Through the competition, participants will be given the opportunity to develop analytical skills and skills in legal research, writing, and advocacy and expand their knowledge on and become exposed to issues of international law in the simulated environment of an international court or an arbitral tribunal. The competition promotes networking amongst law students, encourages the exchange of ideas and perspectives on contemporary legal issues, and, in turn, proliferates the development of the law. The experiences acquired from the AIMCC carry through in later life, helping to shape successful careers in different areas of legal practice.

AIMC 2021 is hosted by ALSA Vietnam and will be held on 3rd-5th September 2021. For more information, visit the current AIMCC with the following link