ALSA Academic Publications comprises of three main publications, being the ALSA Legal Newsletter, ALSA Law Review and Asian Journal of Legal Studies (AJLS). While the two former are built up from ALSA members’ contributions, the AJLS aims to receives high-level articles from legal professionals across Asia, with the topic on both public and private domains of law.

Furthermore, ALSA also seeks collaboration with other international students’ association to publish our members’ articles and tighten the bond between law students across the globe. Last year, ALSA published the ALSA Academic Journal (AAJ) which comprises of not only ALSA’s articles from the three main publications mentioned above, but also articles received from European Law Students’ Association (ELSA) and Australian Law Students’ Association (ALSA). Likewise, through such collaboration, ALSA members who wish to have their articles published on various platforms, can also submit to ELSA and ALSA, in addition to the International Law Students’ Association which we have sought partnership this year.

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ALSA Legal Newsletter 2023


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