Notice for Open Application for Director of External Affairs and Development

Dear Interested Applicants,

Below are some background and description to the position of Director of External Affairs and Development which will be directly under my purview.

Director of External Affairs and Development

a. Objective of this position
Director of External Affairs and Development would assist the President based on Section 4, particularly Section 4.1 of the ALSA Constitution, which are to:
i. Represent the International Board in membership, expansion and external relation matters;
ii. Represent ALSA in communicating with external organizations.

b. Motivation
In recognition of the absence of the position directly under the purview of the President that deals with the Presidential duty to represent ALSA in expansion and external relation matters, Director of External Affairs and Development will fill in this lacuna.

As of 2018, there has been more than 15 active Memorandum of Understanding/Agreement (MoUs/MoAs) signed between ALSA (this include MoUs/MOAs from different department and events) and external organizations to which therein ALSA has more than 10 obligations to ensure deliverables.

Post-event sponsorship report (to be sent to our partners) and impact assessment report has also been an increasing workload for the departments hosting the events. In recognition of the importance of the quality of the post-event sponsorship report and year-end sponsorship report (to be sent to our partners) and its importance to ensure long-term relationships with the existing partners/sponsors, a dedicated position has to be there to assist the President to manage ALSA’s increasing pool of partners/sponsors and to ensure ALSA’s compliance with its obligation under different MoUs/MoAs of each of its programs.

There has also been increasing importance of pro bono among the Asian Law Students, particularly our members. The timely introduction of this position will assist the President in pro bono activities and initiatives as well as the existing role per described.

Director of External Affairs and Development which is directly under the purview of the President will not only assist ALSA as a whole in sponsorship seeking but will be a readily available resource to all department’s initiatives including the AIMCC, AILTW, STEP, ALSA Conference and ALSA Forum.

a. Duties and Deliverables
i. Monitor and assist the fulfillment under every MoUs/MoAs signed under ALSA International and its department;
ii. Assuring that donors are responsibly stewarded for their gifts and that strong relationships are maintained via the following methods which include (but not limited to):
a. Produce Year-End Sponsorship Report for ALSA International’s (as a whole) and ALSA International Events’ partners;

b. Assist respective departments in its Post-Event Sponsorship Report for each events’ partners;
iii. Assist the President in actively seeking pro bono opportunities for ALSA members.
iv. Assist and provide support in sponsorship/partnership seeking effort in every initiative of ALSA International; and
v. Assist the President on an assignment basis.

Required documents:
a. Curriculum Vitae;
b. Motivation Letter;
c. Action plan

Please send all the required documents no later than 6th April 2018 at 18:00 GMT+7 to
Interview with the International Board will be conducted on 7th April 2018. Feel free to approach me for clarification and transfer of knowledge at any time.

ALSA Always Be One!