Greetings from ALSA International!

We are delighted to announce that the Nigeria Law Students’ Association (LAWSAN) is now the Official Partner of ALSA. After several discussions of presenting our programs and sharing insights of the associations, we reached a mutual agreement to partner up for the benefits of both parties.

On Saturday, 30 April 2022, Zay Yar Naing, the president of ALSA and Michael Arinze, the president of LAWSAN and Padonu Daniel, the Special Assistant on International Affairs, met to sign the Memorandum of Understanding, consequently establishing the partnership.

We firmly believe that this partnership would strengthen the law students community as a whole, as well as promote cultural diversity, knowledge, and justice awareness within its members and the society.

Thank you LAWSAN for partnering up with us and we look forward to our collaborations in the near future.

ALSA, Always Be One!