Extension of Registration for ALSA International Board’s Directors 2018/2019

We would like to inform you that the application for ALSA International Board’s Directors 2018/2019 is extended.

The positions which we will receive applications for are as follows:

I. Academic Activities Department
1) Director of Moot Court Competition

II. Training, Exchange and Development Department
1) Director of Exchange and Development

Those interested are required to submit the following documents:
1. Motivation Letter
2. Curriculum Vitae
3. Action Plan (2018-2019)
4. Recommendation Letter from National Chapter

Should the applicant(s) have further queries regarding the said position(s), please contact the respective officers:

Vice President of Academic Activities
Aleron Laoboonchai: vp_aa@alsainternational.org

Vice President of Training, Exchange and Development
Josie Lee: vp_ted@alsainternational.org

The extended application will be open from 23rd October – 30th October 2018. We strongly suggest the applicant(s) contact the respective International Board officers to ask for further clarification of the position(s) and that the National Chapters conduct a proper test beforehand to make sure that the applicant(s) meet the qualifications.

Please submit the applications from your respective National Chapters collectively to sec_gen@alsainternational.org by 30th October 2018 at 23.59 GMT +7.

For more information of each position, please refer to the proposal:

ALSA, Always be One!